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Twitch is the New TV

Each month, 100 million people from around the globe tune into Twitch for an average of 106 minutes per day to watch their favorite personalities play awesome video games. Unparalleled engagement, huge reach, and a super-targeted audience are just a few reasons that Twitch is the perfect place to show off your game.

73% of Twitch users are males between the ages of 18 and 49. Twitch content reaches half of all millenial males in the United States.

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Great working with Strix. Their knowledge of the industry made sure our game popped on Twitch.

8bit EvolutionJames Deighan

How it Works

Create Your Campaign

We guide you through the process of creating your campaign, working with you to determine budget, campaign type, target audience, and more.


Our streamers will send proposals for you to review. You choose your streamers based on audience size, activity type, and price.


Our streamers will play your game in front of their huge audience of gaming enthusiasts. Your servers will burst into flames from all of the downloads.

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