Where we’ve come from

Since we started, we’ve had a great time growing the company and getting to know so many of you. Streamers, small business owners, game developers, gamers, content creators (and some people who do all of that). It’s been a hard road, filled with long drives, sleepless nights, and plenty of stress. We’ve been incredibly lucky to have a great support system in the Pittsburgh community. As of my writing this we have grown our network to well over 200 awesome streamers who reach millions of followers every week. We’re excited to keep growing that network, and to help more streamers make earn a living doing what they love.

Where we’re going

As you probably guessed, we are re-branding from Micetro to Strix! But don’t worry, (almost) nothing is changing. We have a cool new site,, and some awesome art to go along with it. We still help streamers monetize their streams, but we’ve decided to change how we do that. For now, we have decided to focus on our best market, game developers. Depending on when you last talked to one of us, this might not be news at all. In fact, our clients over the last month have been almost exclusively game developers. But now we’re making it official. We think that focusing on game developers makes a ton of sense, and we’ve seen that our streamers agree. Twitch was built for watching people play games, and we’ve found that it’s better for everyone involved if we focus on just gaming content for now.

Q: Why change the name?
We had a bit of a scare with trademark issues, and decided that it was best to change the name now, rather than deal with possible legal problems down the road. The site and branding needed an update anyway, so we decided to go all out.

Q: What’s different?
The name. But seriously, we’re working hard on creating lots of new features for streamers. Now that we are focusing in on game developers, it should be easier to build tools that help streamers manage their stream and campaigns. Also, the focus will allow us to get a lot more campaigns. A lot.

Q: Why Strix?
Strix means owl in Greek and is a genus of owls. Owls are smart and have big eyes, great for watching other people play video games on the internet.

Q: Can we hang out at Twitchcon?

TL;DR Micetro -> Strix, but everything else is pretty much the same.

We are Strix, and we’re helping streamers do what they love.